Twin Trees Series
TJIANG NIO narrates this portion of the Family’s story when, at 14, she meets Liem Seeng Tee. They soon marry and begin building a business at which she proves so enterprising that Seeng Tee says, “Everything you touch turns to gold.”.

Each Book is 8”x10”, hardcover, foldouts,
watercolor illustrations throughout.


Book Two: The Golden Fingers of Tjiang Nio


Book One: The Incredible Adventures of Liem Seeng Tee
LIEM SEENG TEE begins telling his story at 4 1/2. His young life takes many downward turns that he chooses to see as exciting adventures, learning many languages and jobs along the way.
Book Three is NOW AVAILABLE:
The Problem Solving POWERS of Swie Ling
Swie Ling, son of Leim Seeng Tee and Tjiang Nio, narrates this portion of the Sampoerna story. Turbulent political times surround Swie Ling throughout his life, but he persevered and solved each problem he encounterd to save the family legacy.